A visit up to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Swayambhunath is one of the definitive experiences of kathmandu. Mobbed by monkeys and soaring above the city on a lofty hilltop, the Swayambhunath is a fascinating, chaotic jumble of buddhist and Hindu iconography. The earthquake of 2015 failed to topple the magnificent temple whereas outlying buildings crumbled in the tremor.

Visiting to Swayambhunath is a peaceful and enlightening experience, with ancient carvings jammed into every spare inch of space. Mystical experience is heightened in the morning whereas in evening local devotees make a ritual circum navigation of the stupa while spinning the prayer wheels set into its base. It is one of the best place to view sunset in kathmandu.

Swayambhunath rose spontaneously from the waters, hence the name swayambhu, meaning ‘self-arisen’. The compound is centred on a gleaming white stupa, topped by a gilded spire painted with the eyes of the Buddha. Depictions of these eyes appear all over the Kathmandu Valley.